Insert Pivot Table in 5 easy steps

Do you want to learn pivot tables? Below are five steps to start the journey!! The post has images explaining each steps and assist you in the process.

Step 1. Open the sheet that has data you want to summarize and select any cell.

Step 2. On the Insert tab, click the PivotTable button in Tables group.

Step 3. If required adjust the range of your data and provide location for pivot table. I am using default "New Worksheet" in this illustration.

Step 4. You will see your pivot table like below image. As it says "To build a report, choose fields from the PivotTable Field List" that will be your final step.

Step 5. Assign fields from PivotTable Field List to various part of table. You can do this by dragging any field name from Choose fields to add to report box and dropping it in any one of the four areas, also know as drop zones.

Keep dragging and dropping till the time you get the desired report/result. "HAPPY LEARNING"

Monitoring cells with a Watch Window

Some time you may want to monitor a value obtained from a formula in a cell.  As you work, you move around the worksheet and the cell value to be monitored disappear from view. To solve this issue/problem, a feature known as watch window comes to rescue. It makes the value always visible in a pop up window on top of worksheet.

To activate this watch window, select Formulas > Formula Auditing > Watch Window.  In order to add a cell to watch, click Add Watch and specify the cell that you want to watch. The Watch Window displays the value in that cell. You can add as many cells to the Watch Window, and you can also move the window anywhere in worksheet. Image below shows the Watch Window monitoring two cells.

Adding a new worksheet to your workbook

Today you will be learning how to add worksheet in your workbook. You can organize a lot of information via worksheets. Instead of placing everything on a single worksheet; you can use additional worksheets in a workbook to separate various workbook elements logically.

Example: Let say you have 10 sales person, and you want to track their activities daily.  You can create individual worksheet for each sales person. At the same have a consolidated worksheet with all information together.

The following are three ways to add a new worksheet to a workbook:
A. Press Shift+F11. This method inserts the new sheet before the active sheet.

B. Click the Insert Worksheet control, which is located to the right of the last sheet tab. This method inserts the new sheet after the last sheet in the workbook.

C. Right-click a sheet tab, choose Insert from the shortcut menu, and click the General tab of the Insert dialog box that appears. Then select the Worksheet icon and click OK. This method inserts the new sheet before the active sheet.
Step 1:
Step 2:

I know this is very easy for you guys who have gratuated in Microsoft Excel, but for amateurs this post will be helpful. HAPPY LEARNING :)