Create a Table in Excel 2007

With the launch of Office 2007, Microsoft has introduced a rich concept to Excel know as "Table". Table in Excel 2007 help you to manage and analyze your data. This feature has less functionality in terms of calculation but it is very useful in storing lots of information consistently. Formatting, sorting and filtering are very easy with Table. Typically, an Excel table has only column headings and no row headings.
I would recommend you to organize your data before creating a Table. Few points which you keep in mind are as follows:
  • Your data should have a proper and unique heading in column
  • There should be no blank row or column in your data
  • Your data should be separated with any other information by at least one row and one column
How to create a Table?

Creating a table is very easy in excel.

1. Select the cells that contain data
2. On the Ribbon, click the Insert tab and in the Tables group, click the Table command
3.Click OK and you are done with a default style table
Special functionality of a Table 
  • Autofilter and Sort: When you create a Table it provides you with integrated Autofilter and Sort functionality to your data. You don't have to add this feature manually, only this that is required to make it more helpful is your data should have headings in each column.
  • Header names while scrolling: If your data is large and it doesn't fit your screen while scrolling new Excel has feature that temporarily replace column letters with the table's column names.
  • Automatic expansion of data: When you add new data in row or column of your table, Excel expands the range of your table and takes it as part of your table.
  • Automatic formatting: When you add or delete any row into the table it automatically formats the change. You don't have to make edits to the changed data Excel Table will do it for you! 
I hope you find my posts helpful and easy to learn at the same time. Please do share the tips with your friends, colleagues and if you have any feedback for me I will look forward to it. 

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