AND Function: Test Mathematical Conditions!

Moving ahead with our series of logical function, lets evaluate the AND function AND function provides result in TRUE or FALSE as output based on one of more condition. AND function evaluates at least one mathematical expression located in another cell in the spreadsheet.

The syntax it uses is as follow:

AND(logical1,logical2, ...)

Logical1, logical2, ...   are 1 to 255 conditions you want to test that can be either TRUE or FALSE.

Here is an example along-with image, it will help you understand the function in a better way.

I have few number in cell C1, C2 and C3 and I want to test certain mathematical conditions in cell D1 based on these numbers.

I have used the formula as follows

D1: =AND(C1>200,C2>200,C3>200)

If all three cells (C1,C2, and C3) has number greater than 200, the result in cell D1 will be TRUE. If any of these cells have value less than or equal to 200, the output for the AND function will be FALSE. "Happy Learning"

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