Sum Using Multiple Criteria - SUMPRODUCT

SUMPRODUCT Function is used to sum a range when multiple conditions are met..

The first argument of sumproduct is the range which is to be summed.

Suppose you want to get a sum of a product range which falls between two Dates, In other words, the value in the amount range is summed only if both of the following criteria are met:

First condition: The Product should be Samsung..
Second condition: The range of the Date should be between 1-Jan-2001 & 22-Jan-2001

Here in this example my data is in Range A1:C38 & the conditions to be met are in E1:F3.
The below image is an extract from the worksheet.
The formula I have derived to get the solution is as follows:

Put this formula and you will get the answer. This worksheet demonstrates summing based on multiple criteria. Download Sample File

This is a short and easy tip for time being, see you soon again.  "HAPPY LEARNING"

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