Sort Data from Left to Right (Sort data in Rows)

Dear readers & followers it's been a long time since my last post.  Now I have finally got some time to write something interesting and worth sharing. Today you're gonna learn how to sort data in rows. What I mean by that is sorting your data from left to right instead of sorting from top to bottom in column.

If you look at the image below it has few dates mentioned in column B to F and few figures for gross profit, tax & net profit associated with these dates.  Now what I am going to do is to sort these figures on the basis of dates in ascending order.
To do this what you'll have to do is follow a simple procedure and it will take very little time.  First of all select the data you want to sort and go to Home tab. There you'll find Sort & Filter option under Editing group.  Then you've to click on Custom Sort as shown in image below.
This will open a pop up box, at the top of it click on the Option button which will option Sort Options... box there look for Orientation and select Sort left to right.  By default it is Sort top to bottom.  This is shown in the image below.
Click OK and now you can see the option of sorting your data with rows.  Look at the sort by drop down option and you'll see Row1, Row2 etc now. Earlier it used to be Column1, Column2 and so on.
I've selected Row1, as my dates are in row 1 and I want to sort on their basis.  You can choose as per your requirement.  Oldest to Newest option under Order drop down will help us arrange the dates in required manner.  Click OK and here is what we intended to achieve.
Guys its easy and can be really helpful when you've to deal with large number of columns.  Hope you'll like my post, you can share your feedback or suggestion or any query via comments below. "HAPPY LEARNING"


  1. That's brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Nice trick man! Thnks fr d share!

  3. That's great, you have seems to be right in time with this tip.

  4. Thank you so much.
    how to do the same left to right sorting in Excel 2003?

  5. In Excel 2003 you have the option to choose the orientation.

    Data > Sort > Options > Orientation