MS Excel: Subtotal Function and Filter

The Subtotal function provide the subtotal of the numbers in a column.  It allows us to perform a calculation in the worksheet, and the same calculation can also be performed on the subsets of the data by applying filters. The magic of this function is that it ignores values in rows hidden by a filter.

The syntax for the Subtotal function is:

        Subtotal(function_num, ref1, ref2, ...)

function_num is the type of subtotal that you'd like to create. Image below explains 11 types which we can select:

ref1, ref2, ... are the ranges of cells that you want to subtotal.

Please go through the example with images below, it will help a lot in understanding Subtotal function.

Here I want to know the average monthly salary for each city. Normal AVERAGE function won't be helpful here because once we'll apply filter to it will still give us the average of all the records in the data. 
Now as per the requirement if I want to know the average monthly salary payable in Augusta region, the SUBTOTAL function will provide me the desired result while AVERAGE function will still give me the average of complete data.
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